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Notice of Marriage appointment

IMPORTANT: The latest time notice can be given is 28 clear days before the marriage.

Before you give notice of marriage please be aware that if your venue changes or the date is changed by more than 12 months from the date notice was given fresh notices are required; the statutory notice fee will be payable again and you will have to produce your documents to your local register office a second time.

Please note that we release appointments a few weeks in advance so that we are able to meet fluctuating demand and react to staffing issues. We generally release more appointments each week; please check frequently for new availability. Check both Dudley and Stourbridge offices for appointments, you may attend either office if you are a Dudley Borough resident. If you are getting married within the next 8 weeks and cannot book an appointment, please email You MUST give notice more than 28 clear days before the date of your ceremony.


Terms and Conditions

By continuing and making an appointment for a notice of marriage you are confirming that you:

  • have read the guidance on our website
  • are both British citizens or foreign nationals with EU settled status or pre-settled status*
  • are both legally free to marry
  • are both 18 years old or over
  • both have all the required documentation and can meet the residency requirements (see full details on our website)
  • have made a ceremony booking with the relevant registration office, minister and venue
  • you have a credit or debit card to make the notice booking payment at the end of this process
  • agree to our terms and conditions
  • *If one or both of the parties to the marriage is not a British citizen and does not have EU Settlement Scheme status granted or applied for before 30 June 2021 then at least one of you must live in the Dudley registration district, you must book a double appointment and you must attend the appointment together. 

A notice is a legal statement that must be given individually by each of you in person. It should be done as soon as possible (up to 12 months before the ceremony) and must be given no later than 28 clear days before that day you plan to marry.

If you arrive for a notice appointment and do not have the required documentation, or do not meet the residency or other requirements, then the notice appointment will not be able to go ahead.  A further appointment will need to be made and the notice booking fee will need to be paid again. Please make sure that you check the requirements on our website and your confirmation email very carefully. Documents are prescribed in law; it must be the specified original documents, alternatives are not acceptable.  It is your responsibility to bring the correct documents to your appointment. If you arrive late or miss your appointment, you will need to book another appointment and pay the bookig fee again. A delay in giving notice may mean that the date of your ceremony needs to be changed.

Notice of marriage can be given up to twelve months ahead of the marriage. Demand for appointments can be high so we advise you book your notice appointment as soon as possible. Your ceremony booking cannot be confirmed until notice has been given and the Superintendent Registrar's schedule issued after the notices have been displayed publicly for 28 days. If either of you is a forein national, in some circumstances the Home Office will extend this to 70 days.

Notices are venue specific and only valid for 12 months so please ensure you do not make an appointment more than 12 months ahead of your ceremony date. 

IMPORTANT: Please note that you will receive a confirmation email at the end of the process, if you do not receive this email your appointment will not have been booked into the system. Please email  to check if you do not receive a confirmation email.

Fees - the statutory fee for giving a notice is £42 per person, plus £15 per person if either of you is a foreign national and the notice is referred to the Home Office for investigation. At the time of booking your appointment you will need to pay a notice booking fee of £42 per notice. When you attend your appointment and give notice, the booking fee will be utilised as the statutory notice fee. If you need to change the date or time of your appointment, we will do this for you free of charge if you give two working days' notice. If you do not give two working days' notice, fail to attend your appointment or do not bring the correct documents to your appointment, you will lose the booking fee and need to pay again to book a new appointment.

You must each give notice at the register office where you live unless one or both of you are foreign nationals without EUSS, and if this is the case you must attend your notice appointment together at the register office where either one of you lives. If you are unsure which office to attend, please enter your postcode into before you book an appointment. 

Data Security - Dudley Registration Services is committed to ensuring your information is protected.  We only collect your data where we have a legal obligation; as a public task or with your express consent. Please read our Privacy Notice for full details.


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